A strange photo…

The other day I came across an interesting photo, which apparently depicts a certain Marilyn Rouvelas, who participated in the “Women’s March” in Washington.

mr2 - Copy

Why there were flags of the LGBT community behind her? Who is this woman? How she is linked to the Ecumenical Patriarchate? I’m all adrift… If she is such an important person that her photos get through to the Phanar, wouldn’t her participation in mass political events like this (and among such people, to boot) harm His All-Holiness’ reputation?

In general, it would be strange to expect anything but evil from the liberal overseas. But it would be better if the Church restrained such influences, harmful to the soul but being inculcated in Western society, or at least if the Church not succumbed to such unhealthy influences!

Perhaps, it would have been necessary to explain to Ms. Rouvelas that serving the Church imposes some moral restrictions on its members … These restrictions stem from the Biblical Commandments and become especially important – not only for the personal Salvation, but also for the Salvation of many, – when one works for the Church.


One thought on “A strange photo…

  1. Marilyn Rouvelas is a freelance writer and editor. Her work includes various articles and A Guide to Greek Traditions and Customs in America, a bestselling book in the Greek-American community explaining Hellenic and Orthodox traditions. She is the co-author, with Father John Chryssavgis, of the Wisdom Tales book Saint Anthony the Great. The book, illustrated by Isabelle Brent, is an inspiring biography for children of an important figure (ca. 251–356) in early Christian history and one of the best known of the Desert Fathers and Mothers. She has edited numerous articles and books, including Remembering and Reclaiming Diakonia by John Chryssavgis, and The Journey of Marriage in the Orthodox Church by Philip Mamalakis and Charles Joanides. Ms. Rouvelas has co-written, with Jeanette Aydlette, a number of books in a series published by Holy Cross Orthodox Press called The Silent Way: A Series about Passions and Stillness and aimed at helping children understand when their feelings get out-of-control (“passions”) and the power of being quiet and still to calm themselves.

    She has served the national Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America in various capacities: member of the Archdiocesan Council, advisor to its interfaith marriage project, Leadership Council of the Churches for Middle East Peace in Washington, DC, and advisor to the Archdiocesan Center for Family Care. She is a consultant to St. Catherine’s Vision (Massachusetts), a board member of the Society for the Preservation of Greek Heritage (Washington, DC) and the recipient of various awards for her work in preserving the Hellenic and Orthodox heritage.

    As for me, she is a great woman!


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